Assisting with iADLs

Assisting with iADLs

Assisting with iADLs (Instrumental Activities of Daily Living) is a course designed for caregivers to help them develop the skills and knowledge necessary to provide support and assistance to patients who have difficulties performing everyday tasks. iADLs are activities that allow individuals to live independently, such as shopping, preparing meals, managing finances, and using communication devices. As a caregiver, understanding how to assist patients with iADLs is crucial for promoting their independence, safety, and overall well-being.

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  • Lessons: 4
  • Number of tests: 2
  • Hours: 1.0 hours
  • Students who are studying this course: 179
What you will learn
  • Describe what iADLs are
  • Outline the importance of iADLs
  • Describe how to assess a client’s ability to perform iADLs
  • Describe how you should approach assisting your client with iADLs
  • Describe the tasks you may have to perform when assisting a client with iADLs


    • What are iADLs?What are iADLs?
    • 10 mins
    • Importance of iADLsImportance of iADLs
    • 5 mins
    • Assessing iADLsAssessing iADLs
    • 18 mins
    • Knowledge Review Knowledge Review
    • 4 mins
    • Assisting with iADLsAssisting with iADLs
    • 10 mins
    • Exam- Assisting with iADLs Exam- Assisting with iADLs
    • 15 mins

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